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Hello from Texas!

on March 18, 2013

Well, it took us 3 long days to get to the new job site, but we finally made it.  Luckily we got to break away from the crew after the second day and go visit some of Rudy’s family.  Granny D hadn’t seen Deidrick since he was a few days old, so it was so special to see the two of them together again.  We also met a few cousins and great aunts/uncles while we were there.  Even Deidrick’s Uncle Anthony (Rudy’s brother) was able to come see the family.  It was truly a special and heart warming experience to watch my husband remember childhood memories and reminisce with his family.  Something about walking around the grass and under the trees where Rudy spent so many summers growing up, just makes me feel that much closer to him.

When we finally arrived in El Campo, we checked in at the same hotel that the crew was staying in.  It was ridiculously priced and when we got in the room, there was black mold all over the bathroom.  By this time, it was 11:30 at night and we were exhausted..but we knew it wasn’t safe for Deidrick, so we asked to switch rooms.  The second room was worse than the first!  So we decided against that hotel and ended up staying at the Days Inn next door for even more money.  We had to find a cheaper place to stay, and be out by 11 am Sunday morning…so it was up to me.  We knew that the other couple on the crew found a cheap place across town, but I worried about how clean it would be.  Thankfully it is nice and clean, the owner is really friendly and it will do for our last week in a hotel room.

Our tax money is coming back this week!! Not only that, but I got money back from my school today AND Rudy gets paid!  So, we are taking a break and heading to Louisiana to pick up our camper and visit more of Rudy’s family.  I’m so excited to have our own space and not have to live out of tubs anymore.  We’ve gotten really good at packing and unpacking, but there is something to be said about your own space.  It really hit me the other day that we don’t have a home… aside from a city, and couches/spare beds that are always there from our loving family, we don’t have 4 walls to call our own.  That was a pretty hard realization, but I hope that fuels our fire to keep taking care of business so we can buy a house when we go back to Greeley.

One last thing before I sign off, I want to share a photo of my daddy.  On March 14 it marked the 5 year anniversary of losing him to multiple myeloma.  Especially now, when Deidrick does something silly or hits a milestone, I wish I could call him.  I miss him so much and although I can be happy in my life knowing he’s always watching over me, I still have those days.  So here are a couple of photos of me and my my handsome father.

daddy and me6 Arianne & Daddy daddy and me daddy and me3 daddy and me4 daddy and me5


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