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Rough Couple of Days

on March 13, 2013

The feeling I got when I turned in my resignation letter was one of excitement and readiness for the next chapter in my life.  I was getting so frustrated with management and the stress of it was affecting my personal life.  So when I got the okay to quit and start traveling with Rudy – I was thrilled.  

My last day working was bittersweet… I found myself in tears and complete confusion as to why.  I knew I’d miss some of my co-workers that had grown to be amazing friends of mine, and I knew I’d miss the residents that I’d grown so close to, but I thought I was ready to stay at home with Deidrick all day and embark on this adventure with my husband.  

Some days here are great, and I look back at that old job and smile…but some days, after cleaning the 5th bottle or washed the dishes to cook on them and wash them again.. I miss the simplicity of my paying job.  Yes it drove me crazy, but I had days off…and going to work for 4 hours a day meant 4 hours of adult interaction.  Being a stay at home mom is a 24/7 job, especially when we’re away from friends and family.  

A combination of emotions and not feeling well have knocked me off the health kick for a few days…but we’ll get back on.  We go to Walmart everyday to get stuff for dinner and walk around, so I walk by the clothes everyday and get myself motivated.  

Word is we’re going to Texas, probably in 2 days.  We are headed to El Campo, which is only 30 minutes from the ocean! Not only is it close to the water, but we’re very close to Rudy’s family – including his grandpa who is selling us a camper once we get our tax refund (yay taxes!!).  

Missing everyone back home… Much love from the Sanchez family – hopefully leaving Kansas soon! 


One response to “Rough Couple of Days

  1. jbstockings says:

    Hang in there! The Peace Corps claims that theirs is the “hardest job you’ll ever love.” Nope, it’s parenting. What you need to keep reminding yourself of is that this is short term. Look for the adventure. What you’re doing is researching a best seller!

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