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Hello From Hays!

on March 6, 2013

All the waiting around Great Bend, and then what seemed like instantly – we were finally packing to go to a different city.  We’d heard a few places, but the final resting place for a few days has landed us in Hays again.  We are actually at the same hotel we stayed in when we came to visit in January – so we are sleeping AMAZING thanks to their great beds!

We learned that my moving strategy is a little bit flawed.  We still have loose ends that don’t travel well and I didn’t really think about the fact that Rudy would have to be moving the totes on his own.  It took a lot longer to leave the room in Great Bend than it did to unpack in Hays.  In fact – we were unpacked and functioning in about an hour here!  

The chaos of moving yesterday just solidified the fact that we need to get into a camper – and soon.  It will be so much easier to leave quickly when all we have to do is hook up to the pickup and go.  

Anyway – little man is up from his nap, so its time to get going again.

Much love from our little family here in HAYS! 🙂  


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