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Rude Awakenings

on March 5, 2013

When Deidrick was a newborn, he almost always woke up around the same time Rudy went to work.  It worked out really well for me because Rudy would bring him to me, he’d eat and then we’d snuggle in bed for a few more hours before actually getting up for the day.  I have been excited that recently, we’ve gone back to that.  I think it’s a great time for us to bond & he does sleep better when he’s next to one of us – so the added bonus is a few more hours of sleep.  Lately, we’ve been waking up around 9/9:30, but today was a different story.  I was in the middle of a strange dream, when I thought someone was knocking in my dream.  I can’t remember what was going on in my dream, but I ended up answering the knocking noise in my dream.  Then I heard the hotel room door open, which is extremely loud.  That early in the morning, I just assumed it was Rudy coming back for something or not working for the day.  A second or two passed and he didn’t come over to the bed, so I opened my eyes and I see an older gentleman finally poke his head around the corner.  He was embarassed and tucked his head and said “Oh goodness..” as he scrambled for the door.  I recognize him, thankfully, as the owner of the hotel – so I assume he was just doing housekeeping stuff as we were expecting to leave today.  Needless to say, Deidrick was up for the day at that point – so our schedule was pretty off today, but that’s okay.  

Something about the morning…maybe it was the fact that we woke up so early, or the even better fact that Deidrick slept through the night last night, but I decided we were going to get ready and go exploring.  We also had to stop by Walmart to get stuff for tonight’s dinner.  Once we finally left, I was too hungry to attempt grocery shopping on an empty stomach – but I didn’t want to get food and drive around and eat.  So I did something today that I never thought I’d ever do.  I ate lunch alone in public.  Strange feat of mine to conquer  but I am very proud of myself.  Not only did I do that, but Deidrick was so well behaved through the whole thing!

We wandered around Walmart for two hours, more or less because we were both getting pretty sick of sitting in the room all day.  I’ve come to learn today that Deidrick likes to people watch.  I’m sure it is fascinating to him to see so many different faces considering he only sees Rudy and I these days.  By the time we finally got back to the hotel, we had to walk through dark hallways to our room as the power was out.  It was actually a great time for D to take a nap and I ended up talking to one of my best friends back home, but after 2 hours we started to get cold. So we loaded up in the car again and drove around until I saw the sign for the hotel had power again.  

It seemed like a very long day, but it was just nice to get out of the room for a while.  I keep waking up and hoping for sunshine to melt all the snow away so we can go play at a park or take a walk around town. 


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