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Laundromat Lessons

on February 28, 2013

I find it amazing how many lessons I can learn about parenting just by watching the world around me.  Yesterday, we finally toted the laundry basket (now overflowing) down to the car and ventured off to find a laundromat.  After a little drive around town to calm Deidrick down, we pulled into a nice looking place.  When we went in and started our laundry, it was very quiet.  We were the only ones there, and it was actually quite nice.  So we started our clothes, and watched Rudy play one of the classic pinball machines (VERY enticing to Deidrick, of course!).  Just about the time Deidrick was finishing up his dinner, a whole crowd came in.  With them, came three children.  As soon as they hit the door, they were running around and screaming.  I found it ironic that I had the youngest child in there, and he just sat in amazement watching them…but never even so much as screamed with them.

I understand – when Deidrick gets older I’m sure I will understand better what it is like to have a toddler running around screaming, but I hope to at least instill some sense of discipline in him.  These parents just stood by laughing and talking among themselves, completely ignoring their children.  One of them actually started running around in his underwear after he’d stripped in the bathroom.  When his dad finally realized this, he screamed at him so loud it startled D.  Just amazes me to see two extremes in one parent.

If you’re reading this and shaking your head at me, I know we will have our moments with our crazy little man.  I’m sure even more when we have our second child.  I just like to think that my kids will grow up and respect us as their parents, trust us with their secrets, and laugh with us as often as we can.  It is such a joy to be a parent, and brings with it a sense of excitement and fear to realize that we are shaping his world around him right now.  He learns life, bias, hate…based on what we teach him, and when I look around me and see such hate in the world – I feel truly blessed to raise our kids differently.

Whew… On a lighter note!  Rudy came back from work today to inform us we are probably moving tomorrow.  So for now, its off to Walmart (yet again) to get just one more tote and we will see how well our “packing planning” pays off.

Much love from the Sanchez family — finally MOVING to a more comfortable bed in Kansas…I hope! 🙂


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